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For International Orders, currently we have a small listing on Peanutopia.
If you want to open a Group Order for our stickers, you can DM us on Instagram ^^
For friends from INA,SG,PH,MY,VT,TH and MX, we have our Shopee shops, available on those country~

Version 1: Fox, Black Cat, Bunny, Bear & Whales

Version 2: Tiger, Duckies, Samoyed, Panda & Cheetah

Version 3: Oceanic Animals, Koala, Hamster & Mouse, Corgi & Penguin

Version 4: Swallow, Celestial Whale, Squirrel, Otter & White Cat

NCT & WayV Song inspired Sticker

Red Velvet Song inspired Sticker

Feel My Rhythm Sticker inspired Sticker + Postcard

Aespa Savage inspired Stickers

BTS Song inspired Sticker

Seventeen Song inspired Sticker

Flower Series pt.1: Marigold, Rose, Lilac, Sunflower & Waterlily

Flower Series pt.2: Forget-Me-Not & Sakura

Flower Series pt.3: Orchid, Marigold, Lily & Monstera

Flower Series pt.4: Bougainvillea, Ginkgo, Hibiscus & Clover


Reminiscing Memories Series: Lantern, Amusement Park, Retro & Candles

Season's Series: Summer, Winter, Spring & Rainy

Monthly Theme: August & December Version

Halloween Series: Trick or Treat & Sweets

Louis Leon & Bella of WayV Signature Sticker

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